Examples of Slavery in Australia

  • 2016, more than 50 Taiwanese nationals were discovered locked in 2 Brisbane mansions, forced to work 7 days a week in a fake call centre with no pay http://bit.ly/2b8A7xP
  • 2013, a Brisbane woman was jailed for 9 years for trafficking her 9 year old daughter from Thailand to work in her Brisbane sex work business. The mother sent for her daughter from Thailand to be brought to Australia for a 6 week holiday in 2004 and was kept in a situation of slavery. http://bit.ly/brisbaneslaverycase
  • 2013, the Australian Federal Police arrested 3 Australians for recruiting Filipino boxers to Australia, promising them riches and success. When they arrived in Sydney they had their passports taken and they were used as unpaid domestic workers. http://bit.ly/filipinoboxers
  • 2011, a Sydney woman suffering from a kidney condition was suspected to have trafficked a young woman from the Philippines with the intention of harvesting an organ. Due to this case, Australia now has a criminal offence to address organ trafficking under the Commonwealth Code. http://bit.ly/organtrafficking
  • 2007, Domestic Slavery by a diplomatic official. A Bangladeshi man filed a suit against the United Arab Emirates, claiming he was not paid wages during a six-month stint in the Canberra home of its ambassador. http://bit.ly/2flwHqy
  • 2005, A Filipina maid owed $43,000 in damages and lost wages by a senior Chilean diplomat whom she accused of exploiting and abusing her. http://bit.ly/2gc66xe


Tools for working with people who have experienced trafficking &/or slavery.

Guidelines for NGOs Working with Trafficked Persons

Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department: Human Trafficking Guidelines & Factsheet

Trauma Informed Care with Trafficked Persons & CALD Populations

VERA Human Trafficking Identification Tool

Help-seeking strategies of victim/survivors of human trafficking involving partner migration, Australian Institute of Criminology, Kelly Richards & Samantha Lyneham

Recommended Guidelines and Principles on Human Rights and Human Trafficking, Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, United Nations

AFP Anti-Human Trafficking: Community Resource

Australia’s second National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery

Forced Marriage Community Toolkit

Tools for Law Enforcement

United Nations Human Trafficking First Aid Kit for Law Enforcement Agencies

US Department of Health and Human Services Screening Tool

Tools for Business

Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

Business & Human Rights: Australian Human Rights Commissio




Information for Schools

Are you a teacher or a school student? Would you like more information about how your school can be involved in ending modern slavery? The Salvos Schools Information Booklet has everything you need to get started!

Faith Resources

The Australian Freedom Network (AFN)
Faiths uniting to end slavery in Australia.
The AFN is a framework through which faith-based organisations can collaborate and communicate regarding their efforts in the fight against modern slavery.

Freedom Sunday 
A global day of worship, prayer and action on human trafficking.

September 27 2015  The Salvation Army
Annual Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking

Download resources to support your day of prayer.
Master Resource Kit 2015
Prayer Stations


Case Assistance

Anti-Slavery Australia

02 9514 9662

Trafficking and Slavery Safe House, Salvation Army

02 9211 5794

The Freedom Partnership, Salvation Army

02 9266 9762

Salvos Legal Humanitarian

02 8212 1500

Project Respect

03 9416 3401

National Children and Youth Law Centre

02 9385 9588


131 AFP ask for the Human Trafficking Team



United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Australian Institute of Criminology

University of Queensland

International Labour Organisation

Global Slavery Index

Anti-Slavery International

US State Department TIP Report

Anti-Trafficking Review

Slavery Links Australia


More ways to take action

10 Ways You Can End Slavery in 2015

Freedom Collaborative

Walk Free

Project Futures

Stop the Traffik Australia

MTV Exit

Fairtrade Aus & NZ


World Vision Australia