Be alert to a broad range of circumstances that may indicate slavery such as when people are:

  • Forced to work through violence or threats
  • Forced to work excessively long hours and have few, if any, days off
  • Unable to leave their place of work
  • Unable to stop providing services
  • Not paid or paid very little
  • Deceived about the type of work or conditions
  • Exposed to dangerous conditions with little or no time off
  • Assaulted, psychologically abused, sexually abused
  • Tells you they have had to ‘escape’
  • Threatened with deportation or arrest
  • Illegally indebted to their slaveholder (e.g. they have had to work of an unreasonable debt)
  • Unable to hold their identity or travel documents
  • Unable to move around freely or their movements are controlled/monitored
  • Unable to be independent from their employer, who does not want or allow the worker to socialise with others
  • Afraid for themselves, their families or others
  • Isolated, degraded and humiliated

Training & Assistance

The Freedom Partnership offers expert training and technical assistance to communities, government, businesses and schools to identify and respond to modern slavery. To request assistance click here

If you are a victim of slavery or exploitation or you know someone who is, contact the Australian Federal Police on 131AFP (131237). For confidential advice call The Freedom Partnership on (02) 9211 5794.