If you or somebody you know is in danger, dial 000 and report to police. Report the same information to 131 AFP Human Trafficking/Slavery Team.

If you have information about someone who may be experiencing people trafficking or slavery-like practices it is important that they have as much control as possible over how they leave their situation in a way that is safe and gives them choices.

These are some options for sharing your information:

  • Dial 000 and report your information to police (especially if the person’s safety is at risk) and notify 131 AFP
  • Call the Australian Federal Police Human Trafficking Team on 131 AFP
  • Contact any of the following community organizations to help assess your next steps:

The Freedom Partnership 02 9466 3570

Salvos Legal 02 8202 1500 www.salvoslegal.com.au

Anti-Slavery Australia 02 9514 9662 www.antislavery.org.au

Project Respect 03 9416 3401 www.projectrespect.org.au

Scarlet Alliance 02 9690 0551 www.scarletalliance.com.au