Take Part. Make the Pledge.

I pledge to use my power toward ending the slavery experienced by my fellow human beings. I pledge to take these steps toward their freedom. I will use my…

Purchase Power to buy Fairtade products and ethical financial investments.

Political Power to participate in at least 5 online campaigns.

People Power to share my pledge with at least 10 friends or family and encourage them to make the pledge.

Ask your friends to pledge too. Login to Facebook, select five friends then make your pledge. Easy.

*Mandatory fields. By signing the Freedom Pledge you are agreeing to join campaigns online and receive regular updates from the Freedom Partnership.

Ending slavery is a choice. Every person in Australia can take practical steps to end slavery through their purchase, political and people power.

By taking the Freedom Pledge and committing to the purchase of Fairtade products you are ensuring that producers are paid a fair price for their goods and labour, safeguarding them from slavery.

Using your voice to sign online campaigns, places public pressure on governments to make changes that prevent trafficking and slavery and protect the rights of those who have experienced trafficking and slavery.

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